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Locations now in Montana, California and Oregon

Love’s Labradors of Montana, California and Oregon is producing top quality health tested and DNA cleared including Copper Toxicosis, Labrador Retrievers in colors: Black, Fox Red and Chocolate. In years past I competed at AKC and HRC Hunt Tests with some of my Labradors to test their soundness, birdiness and desire for the bird. I prefer my Labradors to go to homes for best care and most love. If you are not going to hunt with one of my Labs? That’s ok.

They can and I guarantee that they have the drive for the bird and seen by age 6 months. They are known to be with families, as companions, hunters, out fishing with you and enjoying the livingroom space with you and kids. They have the athleticism to do just about anything. My Labradors are my kids and are raised in my home in temperature control environments.

  • intelligent with a keen sense of smell
  • structurally sound and balanced
  • 100% birdy in the field by 6 months of age
  • good looking with classic Lab appearance
  • easy to train

I test for genetic abnormalities and diseases including EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), CNM (Canine Myopathy), DM (Degenerative Myopathy), PRA-PRCD (Progessive Retinal Atrophy), and RDOSD (Retinal Dysplasia and Ocular Skeletal Dwarfism), CT (Copper Toxicosis), HU, SD2, Eye Refractory (near sightedness). Thru being educated by a few Vet Teaching Universities I have switched from OFA in checking on hips and elbows to a more detailed and progressive way to tell if there are early stages of Osteoarthritis, hence elbow and hip dysplasia by performing the testing thru IDEXX and/or Penn Hip.

I look for caring and loving homes for the puppies. I expect potential homes to have a fenced yard, be past Labrador Retriever owners or have raised a puppy of another breed, and be able to provide the care that these angels deserve. I care for these kids and I want the love and care to continue in their new home.

Please look at the litter table to see our available black, yellow, fox red, and chocolate puppies.

Our Customers Say

One of only a handful
of breeders that test for:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • EIC, CNM and DM
  • Annual Eye Exams
  • Optical Refractory
  • Optigen DNA-PRA-prcd & RDOSD
  • Heart
  • SD2
  • Hyperuricosuria
  • Copper Toxicosis
  • VDI Lab-Pre-Cancer Screening
  • VDI Lab-Pre-Liver & Kidney Screening
  • Color Charting
  • Dilute D-Locus Test
  • CDDY
  • IVDD